Discussion: Build a Fish and Identify It

In this activity from Shedd Aquarium, users are required to design a fish that has the right adaptations, or traits, to help it survive in a reef environment. This activity is a useful way to apply knowledge about structures and functions from a particular kingdom--in this case Animalia. To successfully survive, those playing Build-a-Fish must choose a body, mouth, and color/pattern. Afterward, the newly "built" fish is released into the ocean reef to search for food and evade predators. Even with helpful structures and functions, survival is also dependent upon stealthily steering a fish around the reef to see how well it survives with its given traits.

Screenshot of and link to Build-a-Fish site

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Use skills and knowledge from this course about ecology, evolution and classification to complete this activity. Try several combinations to increase the life-span of the fish. Consider competing with classmates to see who can achieve the longest survival time!

After playing several rounds record the combination of features that gave the fish its most successful survival experience. Answer the following questions:

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Post your answers to the questions above in the DISCUSSION titled: Build a Fish and Classify It. Respond to posts from two of your classmates.


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